Other Scholarship

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You have to believe to see

Working in a teaching focused institution I teach across a wide swath of curriculum. This lends to a ‘big picture’ perspective that migrates into my non-teaching scholarship.

For the last several years I’ve asked questions about invisibility and mattering, broadly conceived. My main inquires are how is it that there are some things that we can see but that remain invisible to us, and why are there some things that we cannot see but that remain profoundly present?

My explorations on invisibility and mattering focus on issues of equity and justice by looking at invisibility as an intersection of seeing, hearing (voice), power and affect (emotion) as they are situated in time and space, often played out as mattering.


Where I live there is a peculiar present absence, invisibility, of First Nations people – symbols appropriated and displayed everywhere but with a limited sense of true exchange between cultures and interaction of people.

What I consider is how people, places and things come to matter. I integrate these questions into my teaching in several ways; as case studies that I work through with students; considering context and the under-observed (such as in the case of the absent presence of First Nations peoples and culture on Vancouver Island as shown in the pictures to the right); and by creating documentary research activites in the Media Research Lab on which I work with undergraduate student researchers, along with public presentations at the university and at academic conferences.

My commitment to this area of inquiry helps me link my curiosity and external scholarship into my teaching. It is a line of continuous inquiry that models my philosophy of responsive curiosity.



There are many things that I do outside of the classroom that mirror my approach to teaching. In a way, you could say once a teacher, always a teacher.

In the community I am engaged in many layers of ‘teaching’ using the same values that I model in class. Some activities include:


  • I am presently involved in child, youth, and peer sports.
  • Previously I did ‘life-skills’ sport and physical arts coaching.

Advising & Consulting

  • I regularly meet informally with potential students, and parents to discuss plans for university, how to be ready, and what to expect.
  • I work with community members to hone intellectual questions into actionable plans; for example, I am currently working with a community member to develop a model to demonstrate an innovative Autism wraparound education/recreation program.


  • I currently sit on 2 community Boards of Directors
  • I have previously contributed to community events and advise student clubs and committees.