Student Work

These examples are taken from a period of several years across various courses. They are not representative of the full extent of student work (for example, there are no essays), but they reflect a practice of reflection, dissemination and experiential consideration.


 A visual exposition of the cultural origins of ‘the Hipster’

 The story of Oceanwise, an intersection of social innovation and corporate ‘good.’ 

 Telling the story of Cannabis through a branding lens.

A visual/audio exploration of ‘place’ and ‘belonging’ theHubCityProject

autobio1 ‘Media Autobiography’ – starting with conscious reflection is better.

Student Work ‘Media Autobiography’ – it’s important to consider multiple starting points. (CAUTION: this one sings LOUDLY)

marvel HTML essays offer potential, but they must be used wisely.

longtail Visual essays require multiple types of thinking.

grieflist Sometime the idea starts here and builds on after.

skateboard A slideshow adds a narrative flexibility to images alone.

marriage(movie file) Conducting interviews with colleagues is often surprising revealing.

This is an example of my DIGI 110 YouTube Chanel – first year Intro to Digital Production: Click the dropdown on the upper left to get a list of videos