Teaching Philosophy

I encourage students to embody constant behaviours of responsive curiosity; ask interesting questions and look for effective ways to find answers; seek multiple ways of knowing and acquire new modes of expression.

|   THINK    |   MAKE   |   DO   |

My teaching mirrors my approach to life; look for connections between often disperate things, find ways to make them make sense no matter how far outside of my experience or comfort, and share what I come to know with anyone who will listen.

When I meet students I often tell them that ‘this course will be the best course you will ever take, and if you are having trouble figuring out why, we should talk.’ That sentence frequently encourages them to look for their own way into what we learn together. It helps them see how they are connected to all course materials, one way or another.  My teaching is about cultivating and nuturing many different types of relationships. That’s why I bare all and tell stories, and sit on desks because that’s what I do when I share. I expect that students should not just remember, but be able to ‘use it in a sentence’ when talking to a friend.

I believe in students paying attention, not just to me and to their peers, but to themselves as learners. I expect a mutuality of respect, and I ask for a sincerity of effort. I encourage them to find what inspires them, but be open to everything because you never know when and where serendipity will bring clarity.


deep learning doesn’t require space for imagination and play, but it doesn’t hurt.